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Listings - Everything's Included

List of Services provided in our standard listing package


Listings - Included Services

Walter Ciucevich

Walter Ciucevich is husband, father, an Army Veteran, entrepreneur and top producing real estate agent...

Walter Ciucevich is husband, father, an Army Veteran, entrepreneur and top producing real estate agent...

Apr 5 7 minutes read

We're a Full Service listing firm and that means you get the full array of our listing services with our standard package. Selling your home in Sanford or the surrounding areas is a huge financial milestone and we treat it as such. You want the best listing agent in Sanford to represent you and you want to make sure they go the extra mile. The only difference between ORDINARY and EXTRAORDINARY is the "EXTRA" and it's the extra things we do that really set us apart and get our clients listings in front of more potential buyers.

Pre-Listing Services Provided

  • Comparative Market Analysis - We start with a professional assessment from a professional local realtor on your home's value. 
  • Pre-listing home inspection - We get a licensed home inspector to do an inspection of the property so that we can be proactive, rather than reactive about any issues that are found. 
  • Upgrade now, pay later - We offer a remodeling and repair program for things as small as landscaping and as big as a full kitchen remodel. You can do these repairs now through our preferred vendors and you won't pay anything until you close on the sale of the home. No interest, no fees.
  • Pre-listing appraisal - We have a licensed appraiser do an appraisal of the property. This provides a second point of data along with our comparative market analysis to give you confidence in the listing price. This document also becomes support during escrow if we run into a low appraisal from a potential buyer. 
  • Professional Photography - the best of the best. It all starts with photos and we get high definition photos with the best photographers in our market.
  • Professional Videography - Video takes your listing to the next level. We have a videographer create a cinematic video of your property. For unique properties, this is an opportunity to really sell the story behind the property. 
  • Virtual Tour/360 Walkthrough - When buyers come to the house, it should really be like a second showing. The virtual tour allows buyers to "view" your property from anywhere and is especially key in attracting out of state buyers who are searching from afar.
  • Drone - We have a professional drone provide a birds eye view of the property in both video and picture format. 
  • Floor Plans - We have professionally drawn floor plans of the property to give buyers the ability to see the layout and it also doubles as a verification of the heated square feet of the home. These floor plans are provided in picture and PDF format so we can display them on your listing and have them available within the supporting documents. 
  • Your property's very own website - Your property will have its' own marketing website which we'll use on flyers and our online marketing efforts to showcase the pictures, video, drone, 360 tour and floor plan. 
  • "Perfect offer" document - We outline the key features in an offer that you'd like to see and put that on a document that we'll use to provide those scheduling tours with an idea of what it takes to win your acceptance. 
  • Paid Advertising - Save the best for last. This is the most critical part to advertising the home. We create a target audience for your listing and run paid ads highlighting the video and photos of the property, forcing it in front of our ideal buyer. 

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Listing, or better yet, Launching

  • Coming soon advertising - we want to build anticipation and create a line of buyers when your property goes live. We market the property with some teaser photos and video to pull-in our target audience a few days before the listing goes live. 
  • Syndication - your listing is "syndicated" to all of the real estate websites online like Zillow, Trulia, and hundreds more for maximum exposure. 
  • Social Media Advertising - We create buzz about your property online by utilizing social media posts, videos, stories and more. We put your property on facebook, instagram, youtube, pinterest, google, next door, twitter, linkedin and more. 
  • Open House - We host an open house on the first Friday, Saturday or Sunday to entice those buyers who are unrepresented to come in for a look. We pass out flyers to nearby homes and put signage at major intersections to draw in the crowd. 
  • Reverse Prospecting - We send an email out to any realtor in our MLS area who has a client who's search criteria matches your listing. So anyone looking in your price range and area gets an email sent to their realtor letting them know about your home. 
  • Database Blast - We send an email out to our past client and prospect database. As of April 2023 there are over 16,000 people on this list. 
  • Signage - We'll put a sign (when allowed) by your home and at the neighborhood entrance or intersection.

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Support & Communication

  • Information on demand for buyers and buyers agents - We create a google drive folder with all of your disclosure documents, listing documents and our "perfect offer" document so that they have all of the information they need at their fingertips. This link is provided to them when they inquire about the property or schedule a showing. 
  • One-on-one contact - we make one-on-one contact with all buyers and buyers agents who inquire or schedule a showing on your property to answer their questions and to sell them on your home. 
  • Reporting and statistics - showing data is reported real-time through an app that sends you push notifications when showings are scheduled, when agents provide feedback, etc. We also provide a weekly report of your listing traffic, paid ad performance and how your listing is performing compared to others in the market. 
  • Negotiation - We'll go to bat for you with potential buyers to make sure you get the best price and best terms. We fight for our clients. 
  • Inspection Review - We did a pre-listing appraisal, so hopefully we don't have many issues, but buyer's are still likely to get their own inspection. We provide a professional review of the inspection report and any requests being made by the buyer. We can recommend contractors and coordinate their work if needed.
  • Appraisal Support - If we end up with a low appraisal, we'll use our pre-listing appraisal and provide additional comparable properties to support the valuation to the buyer's appraiser. 

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